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I need images of the Virgin Prunes that I can use for a magazine; in other words, I need pictures that someone took and will give me permission to use. They need to be 300 dpi. Please email nydecay@hotmail.com if you have any such photographs.

Virgin Prunes image community

This is a new community for images of the Virgin Prunes (yeah, the brother band of U2; for those of you who don't know them: The VP and U2 grew up in Dublin, formed bands and stayed lifelong friends, especially Gavin Friday (singer) and Bono. So there.)

The community is for images of the Virgin Prunes. I realised I have way over 100 pics of just the band on my hard drive and decided to share them and maybe get to see some new ones.

Join vp_daily and enjoy it!

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Hi everyone-

Just want to pimp out a new Gavin Friday/ Guggi/ Virgin Prunes community over at art_fuck.  It's specifically for those of you who are interested in the ahhhts, so it's for icons, wallpapers and fanfictions you might have.

Hope to see you all over there and posting like mad!

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Drop Dead Festival/NY Decay Production Internship -Street Team

Calling all Deathrockers, Punks, Psychos, Goths and Music lovers World Wide

NY Decay Productions/ Drop Dead Festival are seeking interns and street team members.
If you would like to be part of the music industry, If you would like to see more great music get the proper attention it deserves, if you are responsible, fun and creative this might be a great opportunity for you.
Your work will be rewarded with experience, opportunities for advancement, great recommendations for future position, discounts and comp tickets at music events and clubs and event and band merch.

NY Decay presents: Drop Dead II Music Festival and Party
New York City- 9/3/04-9/5/04 - Knitting Factory - 3 Floors, 5 areas
50+ bands 20+ DJ’s
The Biggest International Deathrock Festival and Party
(Deathrock, Gothic Rock, Psychobilly, Horror Punk, Horror Surf)
Tickets on sale now through the website

Please respond to : streetteam@dropdeadfestival.com

teeee shirrrrtssss

Does ANYONE know where I can find a Prunes t shirt??

I've been looking for forever. Foudnone on Ebay about two years ago and I lost the auction and haven't seen one since.

Need. Help.
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